Golf Courses in Naples

Naples Golf Courses

If you love playing golf and you are looking for the perfect place to buy a vacation home, Naples could be the place for you. Naples has been the choice of tournaments on the state, national, and professional level and continues to draw golf players everywhere to Southwest Florida. Here are a few of the courses offered in Naples: Tiburon Golf … [Read more...]

Considering Downsizing? Low Maintenance Living in Naples

Downsizing to Southwest Florida

Do you want to live simpler and spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life? Have your kids moved out of your house and found a place of their own? Downsizing to a smaller living space does not have to be a negative thing, but could be very freeing as you would no longer have to spend countless hours cleaning and maintaining your home. Adults 55 and … [Read more...]

German Services: The Solution for Property Management Needs


Are you wanting to buy a second home in the Naples area, but are not sure how to keep up the house and rentals while you are away? Let me introduce the solution to all your property management needs. In addition to serving as a real estate expert in Southwest Florida properties, I also formed German Services, Inc. in 1993 in order to provide assistance to … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Diverse Culture of Naples this Weekend

Naples Cultural Heritage Celebration

The annual Cultural Heritage Celebration in Naples is this Saturday, February 19 at the River Park Community Center from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This is the perfect event for Naples newcomers because it will honor all the diverse cultures that are brought together in Naples with everything from ethnic foods from African-American, Haitian, and Hispanic … [Read more...]

Why Low Appraisals Happen & What You Can Do to Save the Deal

Home Appraisals

If you are selling your home, you might be anxiously awaiting the appraisal with hopes that it does not come in lower than the asking price. When an appraisal comes in low, it can introduce a number of problems because the buyer's mortgage lender will not approve a loan that is a higher amount than the market value of the home. Here are some reasons why … [Read more...]