Free Back to School Party at the Edge Skate Park

Back to School Bash

Before the summer ends, Ride Nature and the Edge have plans for a Back to School Bash. Make your way to the Edge Skate Park on August 20, from 5pm until 9pm, to join in the fun. Admission is free, and proceeds that are collected at the bash will benefit the Ride Nature Organization. Ride Nature has several great events lined up for the evening. … [Read more...]

Insuring Your Florida Home

Florida Home Insurance Answers

So you’ve decided to buy a new home in Florida, but you are having trouble wading through all the information regarding your home’s insurance policies. The Wall Street Journal has a great article that can help you get started. Florida’s beauty does not come without its risks. Florida home insurance is probably going to cost more than insurance … [Read more...]

Collier County’s Golden Gate Estates

Conceptual view of proposed shopping center in Golden Gate Estates

Communities express a need for super shopping centers in their neighborhood as much as they express a dislike for those shopping centers in their neighborhoods. Most people do not mind community centers. According to the developer, Golden Gates Estates Shopping Center will be a “hybrid between a community center and a neighborhood center” (News … [Read more...]

Set the Right Mood When Showing Your Home

Tips to show your home

Making the right impression on a potential home buyer can make all the difference. To make sure your home sells as soon as possible, make your home feel like a true home when the home buyers visit. has several great suggestions to help you set the right mood. When expecting a showing, you want to consider the current weather. If the … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Pazzo Cucina Italiano

Italian Restaurant Pasta

Naples is home to a variety of outstanding restaurants, ranging from almost every nationality you could think of. If you're thinking Italian tonight, try Pazzo Cucina Italiano. It is the highest-ranked Italian restaurant from multiple user-rated sites, such as Yelp, City Search, and Yahoo Review. At Pazzo, you'll be able to enjoy outstanding, world … [Read more...]